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Hotbin wins RHS Chelsea Garden Product o...

Permaculture Magazine have just reported that HOTBIN Composting has been awarded the RHS Chelsea Garden Product of the Year Award 2019 for the new HOTBIN Mini which has been designed and is manufactured in the UK. I recently purchased the standard HOTBIN and have been impressed by it, I use it to compost our food waste along […]

Wheelie Bin Conversion Day

Do you want to be part of an exciting pilot project to get community composting started in Leeds? Take part in a workshop to learn how to convert damaged wheelie bins into different types of composters. Opportunities to take a composter back to your community to encourage people to compost their food waste. More details […]

ShareWaste Project

Do you have lots of food waste?Don’t have a compost heap? ShareWaste is a project to put people with food waste that would normally just get thrown into a bin into contact with people who compost. This is a great idea because otherwise the food waste would end up in the main waste stream along […]

Timber compost bays

I compost fruit and vegetable waste, including tea bags and egg shells (from my house and the neighbours), grass cuttings and chopped up garden waste. I cover it with flattened cardboard boxes (when these get soggy I tear them up and incorporate into the heap) and top off with some old carpet. Each time I […]

More Daleks!

I’ve made compost in my bins every year for over 30 years. I layer (max 4cm) raw vegetable waste and garden weeds (not persistent ones) with cardboard and ‘brown’ garden waste (max 4cm deep ) and keep it all moist. I never put cooked food waste in. (Don’t really have any as I use up […]

Composting “Daleks”

I didn’t start composting until I had a garden, and then it was predominantly as a means to dispose of food waste rather than nourish plants.  Now that I’m getting more into growing food, I see the real value of compost and am taking more interest, though I’m still very much a novice. After a […]

Hot Composting

By Janet in Headingley I’ve been ‘hot composting’ for nearly 2 years now since I moved to Leeds.  I use a Green Johanna hot composting system which uses the sun’s energy to speed up the composting process.  This means I can compost cooked and uncooked food waste as well as vegetable peelings and garden cuttings.  Since […]