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Composting in schools

Leeds Rotters were at a recent event about food waste and schools run by LESSN (Leeds Edible Schools Sustainability Network) on 18 October at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm, entitled “The Pumpkin Rescue Training – Food Waste, Composting & Climate Change”. At that event we gave a presentation on why schools should be composting and how […]

Wheelie Bin Workshop 2

Friday morning was wet at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm but that didn’t put us off! We had some great guests in the workshop where we demonstrated how to convert a wheelie bin into a compost bin and then we converted another one for our guests to re-home. We also discussed the issues of food waste, […]

Wheelie good compost bins workshop

It was a wet and windy Saturday afternoon when we gathered under a marquee for a workshop on converting wheelie bins into compost bins. We built around 10 compost bins of varying design based on the design shared on the Instructables website plus we built one hotbin by fastening insulation boards around the outside. The […]

Wheelie Bin Conversion Day

Do you want to be part of an exciting pilot project to get community composting started in Leeds? Take part in a workshop to learn how to convert damaged wheelie bins into different types of composters. Opportunities to take a composter back to your community to encourage people to compost their food waste. More details […]