I’ve made compost in my bins every year for over 30 years. I layer (max 4cm) raw vegetable waste and garden weeds (not persistent ones) with cardboard and ‘brown’ garden waste (max 4cm deep ) and keep it all moist. I never put cooked food waste in. (Don’t really have any as I use up ‘left-overs’). I don’t turn it regularly, though I know you should. I just wait a year and then rock the bin to release it, lift it up over the compost and dig it all out every autumn. The bottom layer is good to use. The other layers then do get turned and become the new bottom layer. I  use the compost in my garden as mulch (I have a no dig, organic gardening approach). Over the years I have improved my clay soil to a rich, fertile, water-retaining tilth.

Rosie and her compost bins