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Timber compost bays

I compost fruit and vegetable waste, including tea bags and egg shells (from my house and the neighbours), grass cuttings and chopped up garden waste. I cover it with flattened cardboard boxes (when these get soggy I tear them up and incorporate into the heap) and top off with some old carpet. Each time I […]

More Daleks!

I’ve made compost in my bins every year for over 30 years. I layer (max 4cm) raw vegetable waste and garden weeds (not persistent ones) with cardboard and ‘brown’ garden waste (max 4cm deep ) and keep it all moist. I never put cooked food waste in. (Don’t really have any as I use up […]

Composting “Daleks”

I didn’t start composting until I had a garden, and then it was predominantly as a means to dispose of food waste rather than nourish plants.  Now that I’m getting more into growing food, I see the real value of compost and am taking more interest, though I’m still very much a novice. After a […]