I didn’t start composting until I had a garden, and then it was predominantly as a means to dispose of food waste rather than nourish plants.  Now that I’m getting more into growing food, I see the real value of compost and am taking more interest, though I’m still very much a novice.

After a few earlier attempts, we decided to take advantage of LCC’s 2 for 1 offer on ‘dalek’ compost bins. We fill one with fruit and veg peelings, green waste from the garden, occasional bit of seaweed and a healthy mix of wood shavings from a joiner friend and then let it sit, stirring occasionally. While this one does its thing, we then start filling the other bin.

This system works well for us as we’re not in a rush and don’t have masses food waste to process, nor meat. We only add fruit, vegetables and plant material, chopping some of the bigger pieces of peal/rind/stalks up to speed up the process. We don’t add the tops of pineapples or corn cobs as they just don’t breakdown. And, we’ve had no issue with rats at all. For us it’s a simple yet effective way to compost our food waste and create nutrients for the veggie garden.

Sonja – Moortown