At the Wheelie Compost Bin workshop last Saturday we attempted to make a hot compost bin out of a wheelie bin and insulation boards that are used to insulate houses.

First, a few ventilation / drainage holes were drilled near the bottom of the bin.

Because a wheelie bin is not a simple shape it was not easy cutting the boards to size to fasten on the outside of the bin. The boards for the side of the bin were cut first to the correct height but not the correct width, These were then forced under the lip of the bin and taped in place so that the front could then be measured up, cut to size and fastened in place using glue and tape. The sides could then be trimmed to match. The rear panel was then done in the same way and it was all strapped together with more tape.

Materials and tools used:

  • 1 x wheelie bin
  • sheet of insulation material
  • impact adhesive
  • gaffer tape
  • saw
  • knife
  • drill

The bin will go into use soon with a mixture of equal amounts of food waste and wood chip being added. We will provide feedback as to how well it goes and how well it compares to a commercially produced hotbin.